China P&E 2014
Dates:  Friday, April 25 – Sunday, April 27, 2014
Location:  China National Convention Center, Beijing
Mike will be appearing at the 17th annual China P&E at the Sony exhibit.


National Geographic Expeditions: China Photo Adventure
Dates:  Monday, April 7 – Thursday, April 17, 2014
Location: The Tea Horse Road and Shangri-La
Soaring, ice-glazed mountains that slide into deep river gorges, high alpine villages where ethnic Tibetans live as they have for centuries, and mountain monasteries filled with red-robed monks: these are what make China’s Yunnan province a thrilling place for a photographer to explore. Set off along the ancient Tea Horse trade route, hiking to remote villages and sacred mountains on the way to Shangri-La. Photograph stupas against a backdrop of pointed peaks and colorfully dressed farmers at work in their terraced fields. Get to know the local people and document their timeless way of life as we make our way toward the Tibetan plateau. For more information, visit  National Geographic Expeditions.


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  1. Stephen S. Miller says:

    Der Mr. Yamashita,
    I attemptd to locate the sugar maple trees used in the NAtional Geographic photo spread in VT. Found Gon Yaw farm but not the trees. Was told to go to Old Stone Road… nice old sugar maples tunnel there..but did not seem to be the same ones.. Can you help me find this location? I purchased the photo from your studio just after publication in National geographic and it still hangs in an Ag. Sci. classroom in Robesonia, PA for high school students to enjoy. I really would like to stand at the locatin and observe for myself. I get to VT regularly now after purchasing property in nearby northern NH.

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